Wireless Keyboards for 2020 WFH

It’s great to have a wireless keyboard not just because it’s portable, but also because of the comfort it gives you. If you have back pains because of many hours typing, then here you can find many great options, such as the ergonomic one that will become your best friend at work. Also, there is an option for gamers who want to Chill & Play on the couch, or even just for those who want a premium-looking one that will match their office design. Some of them work with batteries and last for years, and also USB rechargeable ones if you hate batteries.

Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard

This is the best Bluetooth keyboard for your office- MX Keys by Logitech. You can easily pair three devices and switch between Mac, a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet. Best of all, you can use this keyboard for 10 days till the battery drops, and after then you recharge it with the included USB-C cable. It also features a built-in number pad and backlit keys. You won't regret it if you take this one, because this bluetooth keyboard has all the comfort and features you need for a long time of working.

Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard

If you have a tight budget this K380 by Logitech is the best option for you. This compact Bluetooth keyboard is chosen as a top pick from Wirecutter because it has a true powerhouse, and can connect with up to three devices- Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Windows, or Chrome. This K380 is the best Bluetooth keyboard that is not just looking great, but it's also very comfortable, sturdy, and affordable! You will not have to replace its AAA battery for up to 2 years! You can choose from two colors: dark gray and blue.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

This non-standardSculpt keyboard Bluetooth wireless by Microsoft is the best for those who have pains because of hours of typing as it's ergonomic. Wirecutter and Digital Trends pick this one because of its split design and a nicely cushioned palm rest. It also has a separate number pad which makes it one of the few who has this feature. It requires two AAA batteries and also uses a USB hub for connectivity. If you're not a big fan of the batteries than you better consider the rechargeable — Logitech Ergo K860 instead.

Logitech Craft Bluetooth Keyboard

The best wireless keyboard for professionals is this one by Logitech. This Craft Bluetooth keyboard features an input dial that allows you to toggle between functions depending on the application you're using. It's also illuminated, very comfortable, and has many shortcuts. You can also easily customize the keyboard's functionality via a desktop software suite and switch between devices by pushing a button. So, it takes one minute for the keyboard to type on your Mac, and next- shift to easily crank out a text on your iPhone. Craft is one of the best Bluetooth keyboards on the list, and that's what makes it pretty expensive. This powerful option has a premium-looking design. Even if it's designed for laptops and desktop computers, it'll also work with your smartphone or tablet!

Apple Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

This lovely minimal Bluetooth design will match perfectly with your modern office. If you're a Mac user who frequently works with spreadsheets (or just have a lot of numbers to punch in), then this Apple Magic full-size Bluetooth keyboard is a great pick! Previously, this ultra-sleek space-gray keyboard was only bundled with Apple's 5K iMac Pro, but now Apple sells it as a standalone product.

Corsair K63 Wireless Special Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This Corsair Gaming keyboard is one of the few who sell a wireless variant of its popular gaming keyboards that are requiring a USB connection. This is the best Bluetooth keyboard for PC gamers who like to game on the couch. It comes with Cherry MX Red keys, many hotkeys for music playback, and LED backlights. You won't experience any delays with this keyboard because of its solid and reliable 2.4GHz connection. With its impressive battery life, you can expect 10 hours of use with the backlights on. But if you turn off the lights, you can keep using it the whole day.

Matias Laptop Pro Keyboard for Mac

The best option for Mac users is this Matias Laptop Pro wireless mechanical keyboard. Brandon Carte-  technology editor, said that  this keyboard is his choice because its mechanical switches have excellent tactility and its battery "seriously seems to never die." But, his only complaint is that it's recharged over USB-C instead of the full-size USB port. Its impressively quiet laser-etched keys won't bother the nearby coworkers, family members, or friends while typing. This Bluetooth keyboard has three USB 2.0 ports. It has a built-in battery that can last more than a year.

Apple Magic Keyboard

The Apple Magic Keyboard is just for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users, and actually their best choice!  This compact keyboard has a rechargeable battery via a Lightning port, so you can use your iPhone or iPad's charger. Switching between devices is just a little bit harder, but the excellent typing experience is worth it! The only complaint about this minimalistic Bluetooth keyboard is that you have to clean it more regularly because its white keys show dirt over time. The plus is that it's slim enough to fit in your laptop bag.

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