The Best Stretch Mark Scream for Your Options

Whether childbirth, growth spurts, drying skin or aging has caused stretch marks on your body, it’s great to know there are some tried and tested products that mean you don’t just have to put up with them. Finding the best cream is a personal choice, but beyond results we’re also looking for natural and organic ingredients, price, skin-feel and odor. It may not be possible to get rid of stretch marks completely, but armed with knowledge and your chosen cream, you should certainly be able to reduce the problem.

Before we get to the creams, there are some other key steps you can take to help alleviate stretch marks: diet is a start: eat mineral and zinc rich food to maintain and enhance healthy skin that looks good. Water is another way to keep skin supple and soft; up to 2 litres a day is a rough guide to how much you should be consuming.

If stretch marks continue to be an issue, and one that you’re conscious of, consider laser treatment or micropigmentation (although this might be a rather costly option). Regardless, these creams are going to come in handy. 

Mederma Stretch Marks Removal Cream

Starting from week 13 of your pregnancy, you can start using this cream to halt stretch marks before they begin. Believe us, it’ll be worth the effort. Tests have shown that even after 7 months you could be stretch mark free if applied daily. The cream is not oily and has a pleasant smell; try using Mederma’s Quick Dry Oil over the top of the cream for extra moist skin, especially in dry climates.

Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream

For quick results once stretch marks have started to appear, this defence cream is A1, thanks to a formula that combines organic cocoa butter, jojoba oil and green tea leaf extract – all acknowledged healers of stretch marks. One of our reviewers, Monica, commented, “This product lightens the colour of my stretch marks quickly; I think this is because it moisturizes so well, and over the course of – say – a couple of months, I saw even better results.” The product is very thick, so probably best used in the evenings.

Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

Great (and safe) as an application both before and after pregnancy thanks to natural ingredients like avocado peptide and shea butter. It’s one of the best textured creams on our list; according to Macey, our reviewer, “I liked the fact it wasn’t heavy or oily like a lot of other creams can be. It did the job with my stretch marks, and I could use it day or night because it didn’t stick to my clothes.” 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter

Cocoa butter is renowned for its moisturizing capabilities for the whole body. This formula is especially created to combat stretch marks, with natural ingredients that help to detoxify and help to break up fatty deposits. This all leads to great elasticity and softness. It might take some time to see positive results (you are going natural after all), but will gradually lead to smoother skin if you massage into central areas every day. 

Clarins Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert

Really great at firming skin that may be sagging due to stretching or aging. Containing molecules extracted from centella asiatica to stop forming new stretch marks, and you can also expect it to do a good job of smoothing with hazelnut and – if used over time – helping with the overall appearance of skin and the dissipation of those stretchmarks.

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream

Yes, the name is… unusual, but suitable in that this is a cream that’s good for the whole body, not just the midsection – thighs, arms, bottom – anywhere marks can appear. A thick and creamy cream that helps tighten the skin with consistent use.

Glow Belly Butter 100% Organic Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Great at removing darker marks, this organic, scent free product contains a host of prime ingredients including, grapeseed, almond oil and macadamia nut. It’s great as an early prevention cream or if marks have become problematic and dark during and after pregnancy.

Pure Life Science Stretch Marks Massage Oil

This is a fantastic oil. Its astringent properties help to break up fatty deposits. Oils are somewhat easier to rub into the body and the massaging, rubbing motion will help the gradual disappearance of stretch marks. 

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