The Best Samsung Phones You Can Buy Right Now

2020 summer is a crucial time for the tech giants and mobile phone manufacturers especially. With this in mind, we turn to the latest offerings from Samsung – always pushing rival Apple in terms of spec, generally ousting them with their level of invention, whilst also making a valid claim for the superiority of Android phones. Think of Samsung as turbo boosts for your phone. Rather than offering simply sophisticated under the hood technical upgrades, with Samsung it’s usually a case of bigger and better. The new range of Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are cases in point. Both include a fantastic upgraded stylus, larger screen size, 5G and better cameras. Of course, there are other considerations – price, size, quality and spec being factors to muse over before you spend large on a new phone. Our list will help you make the right call.

The Very Best – Galaxy Note 20 and Ultra

One thing both of these beauties have in common is the price – at time of writing, they’re expensive! But for your money you get the very latest in 5G technology, enabling faster and greater connectivity with others, compatibility with an increasing number of devices and virtually zero lag for those who game through their phones. The difference between the standard model and the Ultra is down to screen size, weight, and camera resolution, but on both models (and the Galaxy Note 20 Plus) it’s the 5G that you’re signing up for, plus improved links to MS Windows. The stylus feature means that, for the very first time, you’re writing like you would on paper. With access to Xbox’s game streaming service you’ll also be able to play hundreds of games on your phone without having to buy a hefty console. It’s fair to say the newest and best Samsung phone delivers.

Great features at a lower price – Galaxy S10

If you don’t need the whole suite of Microsoft connectivity and a pro-level camera, but you’re still searching for a phone with decent spec, then the S10 could be the model for you. About a year old now, The S10 (and S10 Ultra) was, upon its release, a revolutionary phone due to its size and clarity of display, even if it’s slightly behind the curve now compared to the latest Samsung phones. Also available in smaller and niftier Note and Note Plus variants, they’ll be faded out eventually with the introduction of the new Note 20 range, but this positively affects pricing for the savvy customer.

Best on a Budget – Galaxy A51

While bigger, more fully-loaded smart phones get the attention, smaller and less heavily armoured phones are worth a look if pricing is a big factor and you don’t require a hefty level of spec. The A51 is marketed with three plus points for a younger customer base: screen, camera and battery life. You can get nit-picky about the latter-two being less than outstanding but this is a solidly built and cool looking phone for a decent price.

Best Folding Phone – Galaxy Fold 5G

Sometimes a big screen just isn’t big enough, and Samsung’s answer to this problem – like most things that Samsung does – doesn’t do things in half measures. With the capability to reduce to a smaller screen or expand to a mini-tablet display, the Fold provided genuine wow factor in 2019 as jealous onlookers were eager to learn how this little marvel worked. Less impressive was the price, plus a few minor gripes over lag between the two screens and a (barely) visible fold in certain light. Still, if two decent sized screens are what you want and being unique, this is the way to go.

Best Flip Phone – Galaxy Z Flip

Another folding phone – this one currently getting rave reviews. The Z Flip folds horizontally across the middle so that it looks like a mini laptop when placed on a table. It’s pricey, but even more head-turning than the Galaxy Fold, and with a thin glass screen, shows early signs of being more durable too. With an excellent camera, this model is great if you’re an on-the-go type wanting to use your phone as a tripod while you conference call, before slipping the whole device into your shirt pocket. Selling out the world over, this baby will be a head-turner for a while yet, if you can get your hands on one.

Best Compact Phone – Samsung S10e

The ‘e’ stands for essential, meaning you get all the basics in this handy and well-built little phone with a decent camera. You’ll be looking across the aisle at the comparable iPhone 11, but with not much to choose between the two and if hi-spec is not a priority this is a great place to start.

Best All-Rounder – Galaxy Z-Flip

If price is no option, then any of Samsung’s models from the new Note 20 range should fit the bill for more advanced business or gaming usage, but across the range, we recommend the Galaxy Z-Flip. It’s not the most spec-driven phone of the lot, but for novelty, wow-factor and ease of storage, together with really solid engineering, it’s likely to be the most revolutionary Samsung phone to up the stakes as we head deep into 5G territory.


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