Premium Laptop Stands for Good-Viewing During Your Work Hours

Keep your laptop safe and cool during heavy use with these few affordable and reliable stand suggestions. You can choose from many different elegant designs and colors that will match your laptop perfectly! Once you have one of these stands- you’ll enjoy the comfort and extended life of your computer. Best of all, some of them are portable and have cable organizers to keep everything on your desk tidy and comfy! 

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

The mStand by Rain Design is the most preferred MacBook stand, because it's made from aluminum, and has many features as a tidy cable organizer, a design that gives better airflow around your laptop, and you can store your wireless keyboard and mouse (or another laptop) at the stand's base.

This MacBook pro stand is not only premium-looking but it's also strong and stable. It definitely deserves its place on your desk. You can choose from 3 colors: gray, silver, and gold that matches your MacBook. It also has a 360-degree swivel base for a small up-charge. It's the favorite one of Business Insider and iMore.

Twelve South BookArc Laptop Stand

Twelve South made the minimalistic BookArc MacBook stand with an aluminum finish. It saves you space and elevates your closed laptop so that it's protected from spills when connected to an external monitor.

It does not just save you space but also makes your desk look like a piece of art with this sharp-looking apple laptop stand on it! The metal option is available in silver or space gray that will suit your MacBook perfectly. Also, you don't have to worry because the stand has rubber feet that will not slide on the desk.

Twelve South ParcSlope Laptop Stand

If you're one of those who spend a lot of time typing, then this Twelve South ParcSlope MacBook stand is for you! It will give you the comfort you need, because it holds your laptop on the 18-degree angle.

Note that this stand is for those who don't plan to have a separate mouse, keyboard, or external display.

Made of aluminum, this MacBook pro stand comes in black or silver- an awesome match for Apple's notebook. The main benefits of this stand are the open-wedge design for better airflow and a clever cutout for easy cable management.

Twelve South Curve

Twelve South made this simple design MacBook stand especially for minimalists. It's not adjustable or portable but offers better cooling from the other options, because of its open-faced design. If your laptop runs hot, then you better consider this one.

Made up from aluminum, this stand elevates your MacBook 6.5 inches, and it keeps the palm rest of your computer accessible for easily opening your laptop with one hand. Its jet-black color complements both space gray and silver MacBook perfectly.

Steklo X-Stand Desktop Stand

Steklo X-Stand allows your MacBook to slightly raise for better cooling and view. Your computer will stay cool during heavy use because it'll improve the airflow.

This one is also portable, so you have just to fold it when you don't need it and you can easily transport and store it. It's very lightweight- less than 6 ounces and folds up to only 6 inches long, which makes it the perfect MacBook pro stand to keep always at hand.

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand

Amazon invented this affordable and yet reliable MacBook stand at a much lower price than the others on the list. It comes in silver or black colors.

It elevates your laptop 6.1 inches and is made of a single piece of metal with a powder-coated finish. It's not adjustable but has a cable organizer to keep your power cords tidy.

Rain Design mTower Laptop Stand

This one is great for those who want to connect their MacBook to an external monitor. Made from a solid piece of aluminum, The Rain Design mTower offers an elegant and slim look for mounting a closed MacBook.

This MacBook pro stand also increases the airflow to keep it cooler and works with a MacBook of any size. There are two color options: silver and space gray.

Rain Design iLevel 2

This aluminum iLevel 2 MacBook stand by Rain Design is an adjustable and attractive option that you'll love! It isn't fixed and lets you elevate and adjust your laptop to the needed height, by sliding a small knob. This one is also preferred by Wirecutter.

It's suitable for laptops of all shapes, thicknesses, and screen sizes. It doesn't have any cable organizers, but you can still stash wires or a wireless keyboard on its backside underneath the laptop.

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