Most Appealing Toys of 2020

The kids of the new generation are so lucky to have such amazingly built toys with advanced technology. This year is going to welcome some top toys which will not only entertain them, but also teach them some very important basic concepts. These toys are designed to familiarize them with their social and emotional quotient. Along with all these, they are also fun to play with. Well, isn’t that the whole concept of toys? Anyways, the following are the top toys in 2020 that everyone will be looking forward to.   

1. Mega Bloks Peek-a-Block Animals

Isn’t it something new and strange to read? How can one possibly merge peek-a-boo and construction blocks? Well, Mega Bloks has done it, and the concept is adorable and equally innovative. These animals hide their faces behind their hands, and when stacked, they peek-a-boo. They come with different sets and slide where, when launched, these animals turn into balls and start to roll. They go well with the existing Mega Blok collection, or you can buy a new set.

2. CurliGirls Collectible Toys

This very cute collection of dolls comes with a twist. Along with collecting them, you can style their hair. All you have to do is just pull the hair, and it will curl itself. The harder you pull, the more it curls. Add this to the Christmas toys for 2020 list for your kid and let the inner stylist in them surface.


LEGO moves in more of a DIY/crafty direction with the 2D LEGO Dots. Kids can use them to make jewelry holders and boxes, picture frames and holders, pencil cups, desk organizers, and bracelets, and you can buy "booster packs" to dress up the projects even further with fun patterns and emojis.

4. Wreck Royale

Every kid knows the best part of having a toy car is crashing it. The Wreck Royale cars guarantee a good smash-up each time; each one has spring-loaded bumpers that flip the car and send the pieces flying in different directions. Each car has a different flair and comes with special, decorative pieces to go with its theme, but kids can mix and match all the parts of all the cars to make their own creations (and then crash them all over again). There are 14 new cars coming out in fall.

5. Monopoly House Divided

If the election brings out the long knives in your family, this is the game for your clan. Instead of buying and renting properties, you're trying to gain states and votes. You can establish campaign headquarters in your states to earn even more votes — but beware the Executive Power cards, which could land you in jail. 

6. LEGO DUPLO My First Alphabet Truck

This Duplo set will become your go-to gift for toddler birthdays. It comes with all the letters of the alphabet, plus some additional pieces and figures, so little ones can build to their hearts' content. Then, as they get older, they can spell out words and drive them around on the back of the truck. 

7. 'Trolls World Tour' Color Poppin’ Poppy

This Poppy plush is just as energetic and musical as you'd want her to be. She can play games like Poppy Says, sing songs like "Trolls Just Want to Have Fun," and even DJ a little, but her coolest feature is her "paint" mode: You choose a color from her flower crown, and you can change the color of the strands of her hair just by touching them. She's a must-have for any fan of DreamWorks Trolls: World Tour.

8. Educational Insights Design & Drill Bolt Buddies

Kids can really get a feel for engineering and construction with these playsets, which come with a kid-sized toy drill that helps them take apart and reassemble the toys. Three sets are available: a recycling truck, a rocket ship, and a race car. Each comes with two little helpers, one human, and one pet. 

9. LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Monster Burger Truck

It's a monster truck. It's a hamburger food truck. It's ... both at the same time, with a hilarious brick burger on top! (And it's got a real working suspension to boot.) The best part about this LEGO set is that, after the monster burger truck is built, you can disassemble everything and use the same bricks to make an off-road vehicle, and then take that apart and change it up into a weight-pulling tractor. It's three times the fun in one box!

10. Helping Heroes Fire Station

Parents are going to love the space-saving abilities of this one: When it's all unfolded, it's a fire station, complete with pole, helipad, and even a little gym for the heroes to use to get in shape. But when a fire breaks out — or when the toy needs to be stored away — it all folds up into a fire truck that can race to the rescue, with working lights and sounds.

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