Eco-Friendly Phone Cases Will Help the Environment

If you're one of those who often accidentally drops your new phone and want an elegant look with a thin case at the same time then these proven and also eco-friendly protectors are for you!

100% degradable these cases are not just an accessory, but you're a part of donations and nonprofit environment care organizations with their help. Choose from a big variety of designs and colors that are inspired by nature!

Tech21 Protective Apple iPhone 11 Pro Ultra Thin Cover

Tech21 Pure Clear case is the best eco-friendly iPhone case for those who love the clear elegant style and smartphone showcasing, and the most important- to take care of the environment. More than a third of each cover is using plant-based materials. Its cover has a self-healing coating, so it will eliminate the annoying small scratches that are typical for each clear case! Also, 99.99% of the germs are killed by the tech21 cases' antimicrobial coating. Everything needed in one elegant eco-friendly phone case!

Pela Phone Case for iPhone 11

Pela's plant-based smartphone cases are fully biodegradable and they'll even take back their products to help you dispose of them properly if needed. Their brand also donates 1% of the revenue to nonprofit environment care organizations. This eco-friendly phone case has a slim profile and soft texture that offers excellent protection from drops and scratches.

Urban Armor Gear Outback Case for iPhone 11

This Outback eco-friendly iPhone case by Urban Armor Gear is impressively thin and lightweight, with utilitarian design. It's plant-based crafted so this accessory is biodegradable. This brand's cases offer excellent protection from drops as they have passed the military drop-test standards. It also has a shock-absorbing honeycomb interior with a raised camera and display bevel for better protection. The color selection of these four colors is gorgeous! You can choose from black, olive green, lilac, and orange. The orange one was released for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

15:21 Cork Case of iPhone 11

This 15:21 handcrafted eco-friendly phone case is one of the most stylish options which is crafted from natural cork. It doesn't require cutting down trees when sourcing the material, because they absorb carbon dioxide while they're regrowing their bark, which makes the process incredibly energy-efficient.

Lifeproof WĀKE Case for iPhone 11 Pro

This Lifeproof WĀKE case is the kindest to our oceans as it's made from 85% recycled, ocean-based plastic. WĀKE cases are available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones in three colors: black, blue, and green- the last two are inspired by the sea colors. Lifeproof has also partnered with nonprofit organizations to heal the oceans. 

Casetify Custom Compostable iPhone Case

Of course, it is fully biodegradable as it's made from a bamboo blend, corn starch, and biopolymers. The packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard, so it's eco-friendly too. For every case sold, Casetify will donate a tree to the Earth Day Network's Canopy Project. You'll love the customizing option because you can see in real-time how your case will look! You can even match the case's color with your iPhone's color!

Nimble Bottle Case 2 for iPhone 11

This Bottle case is designed in California, and its name suggests that it’s made up of 100% recycled plastic bottles. It is slim and lightweight- over a millimeter thick and less than 1-ounce weight. The exterior of this eco-friendly iPhone case is durable, with excellent tactility, and a built-in cardholder that is super helpful. Nimble offers the case for all iPhone models going back to the iPhone X in a variety of eye-catching color combinations.

Incipio Organicore Case for Samsung Galaxy S20

This 100% biodegradable eco-friendly phone case by Incipio Organicore is slim and has a nice texture, so it prevents your phone from an accidental drop (to 6-foot). Your phone is protected which is enough for even the most accident-prone users out there.

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