Drunk Uno Rules Find Some New!

Anyone who’s played and fallen in love with the card game Uno will tell you how amazingly simple it is, but also how addictively competitive it can be. Easy to see why – take turns placing coloured and numbered cards face up in the centre of the table to penalize other players and to help you whittle down your own stack. Get to one card and say, “UNO”; place your final card down and you’ve won the round. 

Various versions of the basic game have been released since it’s original (and still madly popular) incarnation in 1992, including waterproof, electronically aided Attack, and Dare variants. It’s all great family fun. Except for the latest version – Drunk Uno.

Not an official Mattel release, but great fun if you want to add a little edge (and a little more alcohol) to the game. Of course you can adapt the rules and quantities to suit the level of likely mayhem you’re encouraging. Use light beer in shot glasses for a fun but tamer version, or use pure tequila shots if you’re content losing your ability to speak as well as your last card.


  1. Start with a shot. This will get you in the right mood even if you’ve never played before
  2. If you pick up a Draw 2 card, you take a shot
  3. If you pick up a draw 4 card, you take 2 shots
  4. Reverse and Skip cards have two shot penalties for the intended
  5. Forget to call “UNO” and you take three shots

It is quite possible that after an hour or so of this mayhem you’ll have won the game but lost any sense of sobriety.   


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