Birthday Party Ideas during Lockdown

Birthday parties hold a special place in our hearts. It does not just signify that we have passed another year of life but is also an excellent reason for family and friends to gather and decorate. However, this year none of those cute little surprises is possible because of the social distancing and lockdown. Nevertheless, do not let the Covid-19 take away your excitement and happiness. Come up with some creative ideas to celebrate the birthday and throw a virtual birthday party. Here are some fantastic ideas that you can use or take a hint from.

1. Make a Happy Birthday Video Montage

How can you wish in a way better than a birthday card? Making it interactive. Create personalized video compilation to deliver your wish. Ask the friends and family of the birthday boy or girl to record their wishes and tributes. Stitch all the videos together in a video card and mail it to the guest of honor. This gift is something that they will keep for years. 

2. Host a Virtual Birthday Party on Zoom

2020 has been a year of the Zoom app. If meetings and classes can be conducted via Zoom, why not birthday parties? Add all your friends in a zoom meeting and then invite the guest of honor. Ask them all to sing “Happy Birthday” as soon as the birthday boy/girl logs in. This will create the same emotion as the planned surprise. 

3. Deliver Champagne to Their Doorstep.

The two of you may not be able to raise a glass together, but that doesn't mean you can't say "cheers." Nowadays, there are so many ways to deliver champagne, wine, and liquor straight to someone's door. Try a site like Watson's Wine, which is available on-demand in many parts of the country.

 4. Do A Group Workout — at Home.

If you prefer active birthday parties to boozy ones, gather your friends for a workout class. During the coronavirus outbreak, dozens of yoga studios, gyms, and trainers are offering free live-streaming workouts. Have everyone log on to the same one and connect on Zoom for a hearty meal afterward. Brunch, anyone?

5. Write them a song.

If you're musically inclined, write your friend a song and present it to them via video chat. Even if your song isn't incredible (or on key), it's the thought that counts. If your entire group is artsy, have everyone log on to the chat with something they've created for the birthday boy or girl. It could be a song, a poem, a speech, a dance, or a piece of art.

6. Send a card.

The easiest and most classic way to show your love is with a card. If you don't live close enough to your friend to drop one in their mailbox (no contact required!), send an e-card using a service like Paperless Post.

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