Best Sofa Covers You Will Love 2020

Your sofa is your haven; the place where you hang out after work, call your bestie, down a tub of ice cream, gorge on a box set and – when the stairs are too much – sleep. But with all this heavy duty lounging, your sofa can get pretty messed up: food and drink stains, not to mention what your pet drags in. So it’s time for a new sofa, right? Not necessarily so; these fantastic-looking sofa covers will give your existing big seat a lease of life, are a far cheaper fix that spilling for a new sofa, and still let you find that nice comfy spot where you most like to lounge.

Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Cover

This polyester-spandex cover is super-popular thanks to its perfect stretch-fit to your couch. With easy to wash materials and no potentially harmful off-gassing, you’ll also love that it comes in a selection of 24 colours, so you can select one to help you snooze or to keep you awake during the game. 

EKTORP Sofa Cover

Ikea makes this high quality sofa cover in a number of colours and, what’s unique about Ikea sofas is that every one of them has its own fitting cover, so you can more closely match the design of the sofa you want with a colour to match the rest of your décor. Not the least expensive, but these thick and fine fitting covers look set to last a while. 

Gorilla Grip Slip-Resistant Sofa Cover

Sometimes, you just need a short-term sofa cover solution. It could be because you're expecting pets, children, or a whole lot of red wine to make an appearance over the course of your evening. This sofa protector has a suede-like texture with liquid-repelling capabilities, and its underside is thick and grippy, so it won't slide around as guests sit down and get up from your couch. If only they made one of these for your carpet, too! 

Soft Suede Furniture Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover

For those who covet the cozy modern-farmhouse aesthetic, this suede sofa cover displays a relaxed, yet sophisticated look, and it can be easily removed or adjusted with its side-ties.

Adalyn Collection Reversible Sofa-Size Furniture Protector

This user-favorite reversible sofa cover tucks into your couch cushions and folds over the arms to protect it from unexpected spills. Because of its not-so-subtle pattern, we'd say this pick is probably best for bringing out on occasions when guests with pets or kids are paying you a weekend visit.

H.VERSAILTEX Stretch Chair Slipcover

This cozy knit two-piece sofa cover set can easily be slipped on and off of an armchair to give it a like-new, reupholstered look. It comes in 12 colors and has a slightly fuzzy feel — we're sure your furry friend will make themselves right at home here!

Darby Home Co. Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover

This pick is a streamlined take on the sofa cover — its elasticized, two-piece construction is ideal for those who don't want it to be at all noticeable. Users love the sophisticated gray color, and that it stays securely in place, even with children wiggling around on it. 

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