Best Outdoor Games Family Time!

We all love the great outdoors. There is simply nothing better and more enjoyable for the whole family than an afternoon in the garden, under the sun with some fun and light-hearted game to entertain everyone. Obviously, things have evolved over the years – nowadays handheld consoles and other electronic gizmos can easily become the same attention-stealers they are indoors. Which is why it’s nice to return to basics sometimes. These outdoor games are great for the garden, park or beach, are relatively inexpensive, easy to learn and play, and will create memories that will last all summer long.

Spike Ball Set

Bring some competitive mayhem to your lawn with this spike-ball set. Played in teams of two vs two, each team gets three attempts to bounce the ball off the net before the other team’s attempts. The aim is simply to get the other team out when they can’t hit the net. A great workout; more fun for older kids and fit adults who are able to move quickly and change directions. This one could go down to the wire.

Flashflight LED Light-Up Flying Disc

There’s lots you can do with Frisbees: pass them, make them hit bottles or drop into cans or circular targets. But this is the only disc you can throw into the heat of the night, whilst convincing the party-goers down the beach that there’s a UFO around. Of course, you may not be able to see who you’re throwing to, but this is one toy that’s not going to get lost in the dark.

Collapsible Cornhole Set

This lawn game for adults consists of two boards covered with non-skid fabric, along with eight beanbags, and even a carrying case for easy carry and storage. Though there are countless varieties of Cornhole sets available, we like that this particular one is collapsible and easily transportable. Plus, each board weighs a mere 4 pounds.

Yard Games Giant Ring Toss

We love lawn games for adults that anyone can play. This giant ring toss comes in its own handy carrying case, and it's a snap to set up virtually anywhere outdoors. 

Giant 4-Connect-In-A-Row

From the tabletop to the blacktop, this super-sized version of Connect Four takes this fun strategy game al fresco. Two players at a time try to insert their red or blue coins into the wooden frame to form a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line of all the same color. It's way more challenging (and addicting!) than you'd think.

Avora Natural Wood Paddle Tennis Set

Net or no, this paddle tennis set will become an instant lawn-game favorite at first volley. Just grab a friend, hand them this beautifully crafted wooden paddle, and choose either the hard or soft ball, depending on how competitive you're feeling. The paddle set comes in four preppy-chic colorways: green, yellow, gray, and natural wood.

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