Best Face Mask Options for Glasses

To manage the spread of COVID-19, WHO has recommended everyone to wear a mask while in public and maintain social distancing. This pandemic has taught us that covering your face if you wear glasses comes with a price you will have to pay, i.e. foggy glasses. And it is no easy task walking around with steamed spectacles blurring your vision. Thankfully, manufacturers have come up with designs for masks so that you can wear them with glasses by using nose wires and strip inserts so that your breath will not fog up the glasses. The following are the best face masks for glasses.

Triple-Layered Face Mask with Nose Wire and Adjustable Ear Loops

This mask made of cotton and linen allows you to breathe comfortably, and since it is triple-layered, it prevents you from inhaling virus-carrying droplets. This mask has a distinctive filter pocket, and adjustable ear loops make it comfortable for faces of different shapes and sizes. The best mask for glasses is available in various designs and prints to suit your choice.

The 100% Human Face Mask in 100% Cotton from Everlane

Their simplicity makes them great for the moments when we have to go outside to water our plants and may run into a neighbor or two on the elevator. These aren't the ones we wear when we go out and about for a long walk in the park because they're a bit heavier while they're still perfectly fine for a quick errand outside. Plus, 10% of sales will be donated to the ACLU when you buy a set.

Athleta Everyday Non Medical Masks 

Despite three layers of coverage, these Athleta masks are surprisingly breathable. The ear loops are adjustable and the wire along the nose bridge can give you a closer and more secure fit. Moreover, the material is seriously soft.

Muslin Cotton Face Mask with Nose Wire and Filter

This mask made out of muslin cotton fabric is breathable despite being quadruple layered. It comes with a filter pocket and has a nose wire to prevent your glasses from being foggy. The adjustable ear straps allow the mask to fit on the face of different shapes and sizes. It comes in different prints to match your attire. 

Con.Struct Cotton Pleated Mask 6-Pack

I've found the Con.Struct cotton face masks to be shockingly durable and well-made, considering the price. These one-sized masks fit my medium face well, and the ear loops are also adjustable. The light pleated cotton is breathable and passes the light test. They also have a pocket for an adjustable filter, as well as a moldable nose wire.

CoolNet UV+ Multifunctional Headwear

Alright, this isn't an N95, or even a medical mask — it's really designed for fly fishing on tropical sun-scorched sand flats. It's true that they don't offer quite the same protection but if you wear it while keeping the distance from others, it can be a good choice. It is infinitely more comfortable and lightweight.

Expedited PPE 3-Ply Disposable Face Mask

Disposable masks do a great job at blocking respiratory droplets, and they're also the lightest and most affordable masks. If you must run or work out, disposable masks are the lightest ones available. They may get soaked by sweat and vapor, but at least you won't have to wash them afterwards.

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