Best Espresso Machines for a Refreshing Morning

If your frequent visits to cafés have been putting a burden on your pocket, cut off the expenses by getting the best espresso machine and stir a cup of coffee for yourself. However, with so many espresso machines available in the market, it is confusing to choose the right appliance. The things you need to consider are if you need a manual machine or an automatic machine. Capsule machines are also available for maximum consistency. Given below are some of the best espresso machines you need to buy for your kitchen.


This elegant appliance from Breville Nespresso USA is the best espresso machine because of its convenient use. Just a touch of the lever to open or close the lid and brewing starts with one touch. It uses the barcode on the capsule to ensure that coffee is brewed exactly how you want it. You can choose from a variety of drinks like espresso, gran lungo, mug, and alto. This is the perfect machine for traveling.

Ultima Pro

Ultima Pro offers the best value for its price. It makes a creamy and smooth cup of coffee and is better than many expensive coffee machines. It has a button for a double espresso, hot water, and steam. You can also choose the option to brew a larger espresso or smaller than 1.5 oz i.e., the default weight—the best feature about this machine is a holder for the coffee measuring spoon and an extra coffee filter.

Barista Pro

If you’re very particular about your coffee, this is the automatic espresso machine for you. The Barista Pro allows you to choose from 30 different grind sizes and five temperatures. The steam wand is basic, so you can froth your milk exactly how you like it. We recommend playing around with the settings, starting with the default settings, to create your perfect espresso. 

Mr. Coffee Occasions Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee All-in-One Coffee Maker does it all. It can make espresso, K-cup based drinks, or a full pot of coffee in a thermal carafe. It also has a steam wand to froth milk. The control panel is very easy to use, and the attachments became easier to attach and detach after the first couple of times. In our tests, the automatic espresso function produced a nice crema, the K-cups tasted like well-brewed K-cups, and the coffee was hot and full-bodied. 

Espro Coffee French Press P7

Espro is a brand worth knowing for all customers interested in buying a French press, not just those looking for high-end options. The company manufactures several French presses in a range of prices, as well as a couple travel presses, but this is the flagship product. Its double-walled stainless steel design offers long-lasting heat retention, and the basket is made from an extremely fine mesh that eliminates the all-too-common grit found at the bottom of your coffee. 

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