Best Bath Towels for Premium Feel

How pleasurable it feels to wrap yourself up in a soft towel after getting out of the shower. If your towel doesn’t feel gentle on the skin or takes time to absorb moisture, you need to get a better towel. There are over a thousand towels available, and you cannot possibly try them all. How can you know which towel has it all that you need? Comfort, durability, absorbent power, and fabric are the parameters that decide the quality of the towel. We did it for you. Given below are the best bath towels as per the quality tests that we conducted.

Hydrocotton Quick-Drying Bath Towel

This 100% cotton bath towel from Pottery Barn has everything that you can expect from a towel. It is super soft and has a high absorbing capacity. If you need a towel that will last for a while, this towel retains its quality even after 20 washes. It is lab-verified to be safe from 350 harmful substances. It weighs 550 grams and is available in a wide range of color options.

Rib Hydrocotton Towels

It held up to washing in hot water to kill germs and bacteria effectively. If you're looking for one with texture, this outperformed all other normal styles.

Pottery Barn Aerospin Quick-Dry Organic Sculpted Towels

If your towels take too long to dry, they can develop mildew or harbor bacteria. So quick-drying is super important. Though comfortingly dense, these uniquely sculpted towels are designed to dry quickly. They're machine-washable on a cold, gentle cycle and can be tumbled-dried on low -- plus convenient. Not only are they quick-drying, they maintain a fluffy look and feel after washing which means they can be more durable.

Super-Plush Bath Towel Set

If you like your towels heavy and plush, this one from Brooklinen is the perfect towel for you. Made from 100 percent Turkish cotton, it has a z-twist construction granting its high durability. This towel is quite heavy, weighing 820 grams, and offers you spa-like comfort. Available in 5 different colors, this towel comes in a set of two bath towels. 

Linoto Linen Spa Bath Sheet

Linen bathroom textiles are typically much thinner than cotton, but the material itself is highly absorbent and quick-drying. It's also naturally antimicrobial and has anti-static properties. The fine linen is from Belgium, this artisanal-quality bath towel is smooth, sturdy, and surprisingly thick. 

Waffle Bath Towel

The waffle weave construction is super light and dries quickly. Unlike other traditional towels which are bulky, this one is soft and light and will provide a more comfortable experience. If you're looking for one that's more plush and highly absorbent, it is an overall great pick. 

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