Bath & Body Works Scents: Just spritz and shine

These adorable scents are something you don’t want to miss! Every woman deserves to smell so fascinating, that no one can resist while being around. Here we’ll show you bath and body works that will bring you a throwback to the 2000s, and also a lot of fruit mixes that will make you feel a lot more fresh and juicy. You can even find the perfect smell if you need to buy a present. Just spritz and shine!

Juniper Breeze

You'll have a real throwback if you remember this Juniper Breeze bath and body works best seller from the middle school days! The mix of juniper leaves, green apple, and blue jasmine is so enchanting...

Pretty as a Peach

This one is the best bath and body works mist for peach lovers as it has that fruity goodness and fresh feeling. You'll feel uplifted and pretty as a peach!


Another fragrance from Freesia's bath and body works bestseller collection, that combines the unique smell of creamy hyacinth and white musk ingredients. You'll immediately feel the smell of a fresh spring bouquet that you'll fall in love with!

Warm Vanilla Sugar

This iconic Warm Vanilla Sugar bath and body works mist brings the nostalgic feeling of the 2000s. With this traditional but so sweet fragrance, you will charm everyone around you!


Pearberry bath and body works scent is the perfect mix of wild pears and juicy berries that have a long-lasting smell and gives the feel of softness and pleasure.

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Japanese Cherry Blossoms is probably the best bath and body works mist that just feels so fresh and yummy! With the mix of Japanese cherry blossoms, crisp pears, mimosa petals, and sweet sandalwood, this mist is a must-have!


Bring the tropical vibe everywhere you are, with Plumeria bath and body works scent. Featuring notes of pink plumeria and exotic jasmine you'll feel the breeze of the tropical freshness.


Roses smell is something that everyone loves, so this bath and body works mist is also a great choice for a present! The scent of fresh roses, which are like just fresh-cut from the garden, is something no one can resist!

Happy Vibes

This one is made up to bring real happy vibes, not just with its smell, but also the packaging that just makes us feel good! Spritz it whenever you feel down and let this beautiful smell lift your mood up.

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