Why Do I Bleed When I Have Sex?

Some girls might wonder, why do I bleed when I have sex? Some girls bleed the first time because they were virgins – but sometimes that doesn’t matter. For other women, they might bleed after rough sex, or after sex that happened near the time of their period. And there are other reasons, including bleeding that comes along with other problems. Here’s what to expect.

Why Do I Bleed When I Have Sex?

If you are wondering why you bleed when having sex, then you are not alone. Many women deal with this from time to time, and it almost always means something very simple that is nothing to worry about. However, there are times when you might wonder exactly what is going on down there. Fortunately, we have a few good answers as to why you might bleed when you have sex:

  • You are using hormonal contraceptives. This can give you “breakthrough” bleeding during your cycle, whether you are having sex or not. But having sex makes it more likely that you will notice the spotting.
  • You didn’t have adequate preparation or lubrication before intercourse.
  • You have vaginal dryness that makes it tough to get lubricated, or that makes it difficult to accept a partner inside you.
  • Your partner is long enough to hit your cervix during sex, which might lead to irritation and can then cause some spotting.
  • You have a lesion or some abnormal cells on your cervix that can lead to bleeding when disturbed.
  • You have inflammation of the vagina, known as vaginitis.
  • You have a sexually transmitted disease, such as Chlamydia or gonorrhea.
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis can lead to vaginal bleeding after intercourse.
  • Polyps on the cervix or inside the vagina can lead to bleeding, as well as polyps in the uterine lining.

If you are dealing with bleeding that happens only occasionally during sex, then the answer is probably very simple and nothing to worry about. But if you are dealing with bleeding and spotting every time, or that is accompanied by pain, it’s time to speak to the doctor.

Medical Conditions to Answer Why Do I Bleed When I Have Sex

Some common causes for regular bleeding during intercourse might be frightening, but they deserve a good look. These common causes might affect your overall health, so it pays to get to the doctor immediately if you suspect any of these could be the culprit.

1.      Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Signs of this problem include irregular bleeding, pain during intercourse, pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis, a vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor, fever, or difficult and painful urination.

2.      Chlamydia

This might include very painful periods, bleeding during sex or during times in between, pain when urinating, severe itching or burning around the vaginal area, abdominal pain with fever, and a discharge that has an unpleasant smell.

3.      Gonorrhea

This might include a green, yellow or white vaginal discharge, pain in the abdomen and vagina, pain during sex, spotting during sex, irregular periods, burning during urination, and swelling of the vulva. You might also experience pain in your throat or swollen glands, thanks to oral sex. Conjunctivitis, or an eye infection, might also be present.

4.      Vaginitis

Symptoms include pain during urination or sex, light bleeding or spotting, vaginal itching or irritation, and a change in the color and quality of the vaginal discharge.

5.      Vaginal Cancer

Signs of this serious problem can include painful urination and intercourse, constipation, a lump or mass in your vagina, a vaginal discharge that is watery, or unusual vaginal bleeding.

Remedies for Vaginal Dryness

If you are dealing with vaginal dryness, there are a few remedies that can help. Vaginal estrogen therapy is possible for those who have serious issues with dryness; for others, over the counter lubricants and moisturizers can help ease the way and cut down on the bleeding or irritation. You can also make sure that you are adequately aroused before you begin having sex.

If you still have questions and wonder, why do I bleed when I have sex, it’s time to talk to your doctor.

Tests to Diagnose

When you go to your doctor, you will undergo a pelvic exam to rule out any problems with your cervix or vagina. Your doctor might also run a few routine tests, such as a pap smear, to look for abnormal cells. When serious conditions have been ruled out, your doctor will give you some options that might help you eliminate the bleeding that you experience when you have sex. 

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