10 Essential Things that Make a Woman Good in Bed

For the vast majority of human beings, sex is a quite natural function, and the desire for it can be so intense that it becomes a “must have” in their lives. This is especially true of men, who typically have much higher sex drives than females. In fact, a man who doesn’t get sex on what he considered a regular basis might be tempted to go elsewhere to find it. Even if they do – or don’t – they have definite ideas about what makes a woman good in bed. Their list of things they love between the sheets just might surprise you.

What Makes a Woman Good in Bed?

Men the world over seem to be in agreement about what makes women good in bed. These seem to be the same across cultures, age groups, financial and social standing, and much more.

1.       She Really Wants Him

A woman who is truly into her man will be seen as an appealing sex goddess, even if her technique still needs work. Men love to feel wanted! A woman who is willing to try new things in order to enhance her sexual experience and pleasure is also seen as a true catch.

2.       She Looks at Him

A woman who looks a man in the eye while she is having sex with him is someone who definitely pays attention, and men love that. A woman who doesn’t actually look at him leaves the impression that she could be the same with anyone who happened to be there with her.

3.       She Takes Part in the Play

Just lying there is a huge turn-off. Part of what makes a woman good in bed is the enthusiasm to get to her own fun, her own orgasm, and bring him to his highest levels of pleasure, and she is willing to do what it takes to get there.

4.       She Talks About It and Is Vocal

From moans and groans to whispers and screams, a woman who is vocal about what is happening is appreciated. But it goes beyond the sounds – a man wants a woman who will tell him what she wants, and what will work to bring her pleasure. He needs to know he’s doing the right things, and how can he know if she is silent about it?

5.       She Is Confident

A woman who knows her own body and what brings her pleasure is sexy. She isn’t afraid to let him look at her body, and she isn’t afraid to share her enthusiasm with him. Confidence is one of the sexiest things a woman can wear!

6.       She Experiments

Doing something that is out of the norm makes the sex hotter. Taking pictures, exploring porn, and even jumping into a threesome can be sexy, but it doesn’t have to be so extreme. Simply using a toy when you have never used that one before can be enough.

7.       She Directs Him

She will tell him exactly what she wants and what works, and expect him to accommodate her. For instance, she might like a particular type of touch, and she will work with him until he gets it right.

8.       She Innovates

She is always looking for something new and interesting, and it doesn’t have to be planned. Using the belt of the robe that you just threw on the floor to tie up your partner might have a quite vivid effect…and that’s just for starters.

9.       She Focuses on Him

She shows him that she wants him by focusing on him, no one else. She doesn’t want to be with another man; she wants to be with him. What makes a woman good in bed is the fact that she finds out what he wants and gives it to him, without mixing him up with other lovers.

10.     She Has a Sense of Humor

During sex, things can go wrong. Things can be embarrassing or worrisome or make you blush. A woman who can brush it off as part of the experience is someone who gets the attention!


Need more tips about what makes a woman good in bed? Read on!

  • She is constantly playful and loving in bed.
  • She not only enjoys it, but doesn’t hide how much she enjoys it.
  • She talks dirty when the mood strikes.
  • She is in constant motion – using her hands, her legs, her mouth and more to turn him on while they are in bed together.
  • She is enthusiastic about giving oral sex – and she wants to receive it, too.
  • She likes to stay neat and clean, and will insist on a shower before sex – and maybe after, too. While inviting her partner to join her, of course.
  • She touches him everywhere, and lets him watch as she touches herself, too.
  • She understands that sometimes it takes time to get good at having sex with a new partner – and she is willing to do it often enough to get great at it!      

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