Top 11 Excellent Water Games for Kids (with Pictures and Video)

Some of our best childhood memories come from summertime play, especially when water was involved. With record breaking heat, including water games for kids is a good way to stay outside while still being able to cool off. Use the hose for a good game of limbo, or invite the neighbors over for a good old-fashioned water balloon fight. Regardless of the activity of the day, you can relax with a nice refreshing drink, preferably in a lawn chair under a sun umbrella, while the kids kill time playing games.

Water Games for Kids

As soon as those spring showers bring on the summer heat, it’s time to bust out the water games either just for kids or the whole family to enjoy some excellent moments!

1. Balloons in the Pool

Balloons in the pool allows imagination to take over and requires very little planning. Simply fill up as many as a dozen water balloons and toss them in the kiddie pool. Get the kids dressed for swimming and allow the creativity to blossom. Some may try to pop the balloons by dropping them in the water, which only results in large splashes, while others may create a whole story.

2. Water Bottle Relay

This uniquely active, team relay starts with drilling holes into the bottom of two buckets or large plastic bottles. On one end, place a full bucket along with a plastic bottle while the kids line up single file behind it. About twenty feet away, place an empty bucket they must fill by racing each other with the plastic bottle held above their head. The first team to fill their collection bin wins.

3. Water Limbo

All this game needs is a running hose and a few friends willing to get soaked, even though the goal of the game is to run beneath the running stream of water the most times without getting wet. Each round takes the stream lower and lower, making kids work on their flexibility in order to stay dry. An alternative to limbo would be to start out low and move higher as kids attempt to jump over the stream, making them even more active.

4. Swimming Pool Scrabble

To prepare for this activity which will not only exercise your child’s brain but also help improve their swimming technique, you will need several sponges, a pair of scissors and a few permanent markers. Once you have cut the sponges in half, write a letter on one or both sides before tossing them into the pool. The kids must then swim to the letters and retrieve them before being able to use the letters for word creation or organizing letters, depending on their age.

5. Balloon Treasure Hunt

One of the best water games for kids is the ballon treasure hunt. Finding a small object inside of a water balloon is perfect for working on fine motor skills. In order to get the object inside, you may want to blow the balloon up first, then place it inside before filling the balloon with water. Next, head outside with a small, sharp object, such as a plastic knife, and let the kids try to pop open the balloon to find their hidden treasure. Beware, some balloons are easier to pop than others!

6. Splash and Score

Ready for some hand-eye coordination? Every two players will need a bucket and plastic bat, along with six water balloons per player. Fill the buckets and line them up before dividing each pair into throwers and receivers. The throwers will move several yards away and attempt to toss their water balloon into the bucket while the receiver uses the bat to keep the balloon out. Every successful toss earns one point, players switch every two throws, and whoever has the highest score at the end of three rounds wins!

7. Splash Volleyball

Very similar to the popular sport, splash volleyball increases hand-eye coordination by using a kiddie pool as the net and a large sponge as the ball, while players stand on opposite sides and hit the sponge back and forth. Every time the sponge hits the ground, the player on the opposite side receives a point. If the sponge lands in the pool, however, the person who touches the sponge last loses a point and must go in to retrieve it. The first player to ten points wins.

8. Ice Cube Painting

Ice cube painting can no doubt make one of the best water games for kids to enjoy during the summertime. To prepare for this creative activity, you will need a few ice cube trays filled first with water, then add water colors and stir before freezing overnight. These ice cubes can be used on paper or fabric, although fabric will hold up better. While it may take a bit for the ice to melt, as it does, kids will be able to draw designs on the fabric to their hearts content.

9. Slip and Slide

Making your own slip and slide is simple with a large drop cloth, several U-hook garden stakes and some running water. Simply find a good hill to lay down the cloth, stake it about every four feet, start running the water and watch the fun commence. With a running start, you’ll hear children’s laughter and splashing as they slide down the hill and cool off in the water. Not only is it fun, but it keeps them active!

10. Sponge Toss

The players are divided into two teams placed at arm’s length apart, with one end having a full bucket of water and the bucket at the other end empty. Quickly fill the small bucket by soaking the sponge and tossing it down the line to be wrung out, helping students with their hand-eye coordination and teamwork skills. Continuously rotate the line so each team member has a chance to pull the sponge out first. Whoever fills the bucket first or has the most water at the end of a full rotation wins.

11. Spray Fight

Water guns are hard to fill and break easily, water hoses tend to just waste water, but squirt bottles are the perfect water fighting tool. Not too much water and easy to carry, purchase water bottles that can be personalized by your kids before letting them chase each other in the yard without having to worry about them running in the house soaked or tramping mud on the carpet. It’s a fun activity that your kids are sure to love.

The following video tells you some more water games for kids: 

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