Sex Moves to Induce Labor

Many misconceptions occur about sex and pregnancy. Some believe that it can be unhealthy for the baby, that the baby knows what’s going on, or that sex itself could harm the baby. In reality, the baby is unaware of what is transpiring and will not be harmed either.

Others believe that there are sex moves to induce labor. The internet is rife with firsthand accounts. Many have claimed that sex had induced labor. Some have claimed that they know the best sex position to induce labor. Medically, however, there is no data to substantiate the claims that sex triggers labor.

Why Can Sex Bring on Labor?

There are three (theoretical) ways that sex moves to induce labor: having an orgasm, which could stimulate the womb into action, or trigger a release of oxycotin, the chemical which helps with contractions, and lastly, the role that semen could play in softening the cervix for opening (in labor).

Once again, these reasons are unsubstantiated medically. They are only theoretical, and have not been proven, yet.

Best Sex Position to Bring on Labor

Toward the later months of pregnancy, sex is harder to do than before, for obvious reasons. The best sex position to induce labor include the spooning method, where the man penetrates from behind; or the edge of bed method, where the woman lies down on her back near the edge of the bed and he either kneels or stands and penetrates in that position.

If abstinence during this time is more acceptable, try foreplay or stimulating the nipples—relaxation and visualization also help speed up the labor process.

These sex positions to induce labor don’t work for everyone because no two persons or pregnancies are the same. Here’s what others say:

 “Having sex did not immediately result in my labor. I knew I would have to have labor around 37weeks. My husband and I decided to start regularly having sex, once per day,  around week 35, and twice a day starting in week 36,  in order to prepare my cervix for labor.

We also used EPO as a lube. I also found the doggy position to be the best one to have sex it, since it triggered many contractions.”

“Having regular sex worked! My cervix dilated to 2cm, I’m 80% effaced and soft, and had the baby at 0 station in two weeks. I still had to have an induced labor, but the whole process only took 10 hours—they only had to have the water break and start Pitocin. And that was my first pregnancy.”

Additional Notes:

Many people have a misconception about sex during pregnancy—that once pregnant you can’t have sex. This is an abysmal myth. Some claim that they have the best sex occurs during the pregnancy months.

Others have wondered about how ‘safe’ it is. Up until the water has broken, it is safe to have sex, unless you have a low-lying placenta or vaginal bleeding—then it would be best to refrain, or consult your doctor. However, you are always try other safe ways to induce labor. Learn here

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