Sex After Chlamydia Treatment

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. This is a conditioned brought by infection with the Chlamydia Trachomatis. Unlike other sexually transmitted diseases, Chlamydia can be cured easily. However, if left untreated, this disease can affect future pregnancies of a woman. Moreover, Chlamydia can infect both men and women.

One can get chlamydia from having oral sex or anal sex with someone who is infected with this disease.Additionally, unprotected sex with someone who has this condition can also infect a person who has been treated with the same condition before. It is important that you know what you can and can’t do to prevent infection and more serious health problem.

Can You Have Sex After Chlamydia Treatment?

As advised by the CDC and NHS, a person infected with Chlamydia should abstain from oral, vaginal, or anal sex for at least one week after treatment. It is advised that the infected person should abstain from sex until all of the symptoms are gone. Moreover, sex with an infected partner should be absolutely avoided to prevent re-infection.

Furthermore, sex after chlamydia treatment is not advisable until after seven days of finishing medications. Since Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease, it is highly advised that your sexual partner should undergo diagnosis or treatment even though no symptoms are felt.

It is common for people who have been treated with Chlamydia to be re-infected. Hence, it is very important to finish all the medications prescribed by the doctor to completely cure the infection.  Moreover, to make sure that you are perfectly cured, you should have follow up tests after three months of completing treatment. Until then, sex after Chlamydia treatment is safe for both men and women.

FAQ Regarding Sex & Chlamydia

1.      Can you have protected sex after being treated for Chlamydia?

Sex after Chlamydia treatment either protected or unprotected is not safe until the infection is totally cured. Sex after Chlamydia treatment can only be safe if the conditions mentioned above are met by both the infected and the sex partner.

2.      Can you have sex while getting treated for Chlamydia?

It is dangerous to have sex while getting treatment for Chlamydia. Remember that this disease is a sexually transmitted disease; hence, having sex while the disease is not yet totally cured can spread infection.

3.      Can you have protected sex while waiting to be treated for chlamydia

Protected sex while getting treatment for Chlamydia is not guaranteed safe. Although condoms can minimize the danger of spreading the infection, there is still a possibility that the infection will be transmitted to your partner. It is advised to avoid sex until the infection is totally cured to avoid more serious health problems that can be caused by Chlamydia.

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