Perineum Tears while Having Sex: Causes and Treatments

Painful sex is an unfortunate event that can ruin even the most intimate evening. For some women, pain during sex is caused by a variety of medical issues, such as ovarian cysts or endometriosis. For others, it might be due to lack of lubrication or lack of desire. For women who have a perineum tear during sex, the pain can be intense. Here’s what you need to know about the causes, and what it means for your body.

What Causes Perineum Tear During Intercourse?

Common Causes

Vaginal tearing sex sound quite painful, and that’s because it is. But there can be many reasons that it happens, and fortunately, most of those can be avoided. Perineum tears often happen due to not having enough lubrication, being very overzealous with positions, vigorous thrusting, vaginal tissue that is thin and not elasticized, or having sex with someone who has a large penis. It is important to know that the prospect of the penis tearing vagina can happen more often with certain positions, and it is especially common for those who use sex toys without enough lubrication, or those that might be made of materials that are irritating.

Medical Conditions

If you are suffering from tears in the perineum that keep occurring no matter what you do, there might be an underlying medical reason. Infections like thrush or yeast, genital herpes, or different types of contact dermatitis might be causing the recurrent problem. You might have this issue if you have ever had an episiotomy that healed incorrectly, problems with your pelvis floor muscles, very specific allergies, vulvovaginitis, and more. To get a correct diagnosis, always speak to your doctor.

What to Do About Perineum Tear During Intercourse

1.      Immediate Care

If you do happen to get a tear during intercourse, immediately clean the area and use hydrocortisone cream on the tear to speed up the healing.

If you suffer a painful perineum tear, it’s time to see your doctor. A tear is a serious injury, and you want to make sure to negate the risk of infection, and make sure there is nothing wrong that might have led to this problem.

2.      Lubrication

Assuming you are deemed healthy, always make sure you are fully aroused before you allow penetration, and stay lubricated. If you don’t produce enough lubrication on your own, you can turn to lubricants sold for that purpose. When it comes to foreplay, make sure at least twenty minutes starts things the right way.

3.      Stimulation

Look to more vaginal stimulation to help eliminate the worry of a perineum tear during sex. Asking your partner to use his or her fingers before penetration can help stretch the vagina and prepare the area for penetration.

4.      Position

Experiment to find the positions that are most comfortable. For many women this is the “woman on top” position, where she has better control, and thus less chance of being hurt by a perineum tear.

Even with these tips, you might wind up with a painful perineum tear during intercourse. Here is one woman’s story:

“This happened to me over and over again, with no apparent reason. I went to one gynecologist after another, asking what was wrong with me, but no one had an answer. Finally, I wound up having a surgery to remove part of the perineum, in the hopes that it would solve the problem. Fast forward about eight months, and guess what? Another tear! This time I went to a new gynecologist and broke down in tears in her office. She told me that it might be a bacterial infection, one that causes no symptoms, and that medication might help. A month later the problem was completely gone, and now I can have sex with no problems. What a relief!”

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