Got Pregnant But I Don't Want to Be Pregnant: What to Do

Statistics reveal that about half of all pregnancies in the US are unplanned and that compels people to make overwhelming decisions about what to do next. If you are in such a situation, you should talk to your partner and consult with a doctor before making any decision. It is not enough to say "I don't want to be pregnant" but you need to know the consequences of any decision that you make. Keep reading to learn about different options to deal with unwanted pregnancies.

What to Do If I Am Pregnant But I Don't Want to Be

It definitely comes as a shock when you don't want to be pregnant but your pregnancy test confirms that you are in fact conceiving. Here are what you can do:

1. Adoption

Some women who are pregnant unexpectedly often carry the baby to term and then give it up for adoption. Another family would raise the child. Millions of parents are there who cannot have biological children. They would happily adopt your child. Before you choose this route, you may need to know the specific adoption options.

  • Open Adoption

You may go for open adoption through an adoption agency that lets you arrange a meeting with the adoptive family even before you give birth. This gives you an opportunity about the environment that your child will have after adoption. In open adoption, you can set several terms, ranging from being an active part of the adoptive family to maintaining occasional contact with them. Be sure to talk to an adoption counselor before you choose open adoption.

  • Closed Adoption

It is the complete opposite of open adoption – it keeps you from maintaining any contact with the adoptive family. Sometimes, you do not even know who have adopted your child to avoid any issues in future. But it is possible to make some provisions that would let your child to contact you if they want after they reach adulthood.

2. Abortion

If you do not want to carry a baby to term, you may opt for an abortion. Be sure to talk to a trained medical professional to know the risks of having an abortion. Also consult about different abortion procedures and the precautions you need to take before and after the procedure. It is also important to know the laws regarding abortion in your state to avoid dealing with any legal issue. Click here to check the laws in your state about abortion. Sometimes, you need to involve a parent in the procedure if you are under 18 years of age. When you say "I don't want to be pregnant", you can choose from two basic abortion types.

  • Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is the most appropriate choice when you want an abortion within the first seven weeks of pregnancy. You will have to take two pills to induce an abortion. You will get the first one in the clinic to stop any further growth of the embryo. The second pill needs to be taken about 36 hours after the first one. This causes contractions and makes your uterus to expel all pregnancy-related tissue. You may have strong cramping which may be stronger than what you experience during normal periods.

  • Surgical Abortion

If you are more than 20 weeks pregnant, you may have to go for a surgical procedure. You will be under local anesthesia while your doctor uses a small vacuum or suction to eliminate the pregnancy tissue. It is important to stay at the clinic for some time after your procedure to ensure there are no adverse effects related to your procedure.

3. Keeping the Baby

The last option is to keep the baby and raise it. Even though the pregnancy was not planned and you think that "I don't want to be pregnant", your child may still be a positive influence in your life. It is important to learn more about prenatal care if you decide to keep the baby. Moreover, you should ensure that both you and your partner are ready for it and are financially sound to take this responsibility.

Other Women's Choices for Unwanted Pregnancy

"I became pregnant when I was in the 2nd year of University. Even though I practiced safe sex, I still got pregnant, even morning after pill did not work for me. Both of us were in no position to raise a child. Keeping the baby would mean I had to leave studies and move back with my parents. I even thought that it would have a negative effect on my relationship with my boyfriend because both of us did not want any children. I considered all these issues and decided in favor of an abortion. "

"I am another victim of unplanned pregnancy but we decided to keep it. I am now 25 and about to give birth. I must say that pregnancy is never easy. I developed an autoimmune disease just because of my pregnancy. I believe you need to consider your unique circumstances and never let people guilt you into keeping the baby. Always choose what is best for you."

"My first baby was born in 2006, but I became pregnant again after 9 months of my first delivery. It was dreadful and I don't want to be pregnant since I already had a baby who needed all the care. It kept me in a shock for a couple of weeks, but then I decided that it was my baby, just like the one I already had and loved so much. I decided to keep it and it turned out okay for me."

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