How to Cool Down a Room with 16 Golden Tricks

Many people do not want to rely on central air conditioning systems because they use complex chemical and mechanical processes to cool your rooms. And it is not a good idea to install a central A/C if you need to cool down only one room. Above all, you will end up disturbing your budget because air conditioning will add to your electricity bill. The good thing is that there are both powered and non-powered methods available to cool down a room.

How to Cool Down a Room

If you live in an area where summers are quite harsh, it is quite natural to look for ways to cool down your rooms. Here’s how:

1.       Install a Room Air Conditioner

Although it is a powered method to lower the temperature in your room, a room air conditioner is much better than a central air conditioning system. It is also easy to install these air conditioners if you have a sash window. You can even opt for a portable air conditioner that does not require any installation. All you have to do is plug it into a wall socket and that is it.

2.       Make a DIY Air Conditioner

No, you do not have to be an expert to finish this DIY project. All you have to do is get a shallow pan and fill it with ice. Keep it in front of a fan and feel your room become cooler.

3.       Close the Curtains

If you have blinds, curtains, or shades in your room, close them all. Get them if you do not already have them. Keeping curtains closed when the sun is at its peak will help protect you from thermal energy. It usually means you may have to close the curtains from the morning until the later afternoon hours. Opt for a thick curtain or window shade for better results.

4.       Keep Windows Open at Night

One of the simplest ways about how to cool down a room is to keep windows open at night and let cool air seep through. Be sure to close your windows in the morning. If your home has good insulation, it will keep cool air inside and lower room temperature.

5.       Turn On the Fan(s)

You need to invest in a fan to keep your room cool. A fan can help circulate air and make your rooms cooler. It is a good idea to buy box fans that you can install inside an open window. This will help circulate air in and out of your room with more force. Similarly, an oscillating tabletop fan works amazingly well to move stagnant warm air around in your room. Setting up multiple fans throughout your room may cost you more but will definitely help lower room temperature.

6.       Use Heat- Generating Appliances Sparingly

If you want to know how to cool down a room without spending a penny, try reducing the use of heat-generating appliances in your room. Do you have TV or desktop computers in your room? They emit heat and make your room warmer. Similarly, a flat-screen, LCD display is much better than a conventional cathode ray tube TV. Keep these appliances out of your room or use sparingly.

7.       Try IR Reflecting Coating

It comes as a foil that you need to apply over your window. It should not cost a lot but they work amazingly well to reflect the heat. Some of these foils are capable of reflecting 90% of the heat before it enters your room. If you do not want to use a special foil, simply shade your window with some kind of a cover.

8.       Opt for Light-Colored Roofing

One important tip for anyone interested in knowing how to cool down a room is to use light-colored roofing. Choosing a lighter roof coating or color will help reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it. This will help lower the temperature in your room.

9.       Pay Attention to Insulation

You need to think seriously about insulating your home. A home with well-insulated walls and attic is much cooler than the house that has no insulation. The good thing is that you can now find so many insulation options in the market. You may even qualify for government grants for insulating your home.

10.    Opt for Cotton Sheets

Choose cotton bed sheets instead of silk, satin, or polyester sheets. Light-colored cotton sheets are breathable, promote ventilation, and keep you cooler. They even help promote airflow in the bedroom.

11.      Invest in a Waterbed

It feels like an air mattress but has non-pressurized water. It supports your body by buoyancy. It keeps you cool by absorbing heat. You will feel as if you are in a pool. Just keep in mind that you may not like it that much if you have sleeping difficulties because they tend to "hammock" a lot.

12.      Try a Special Pillow

How to cool down a room with a pillow? You do not need to buy a new one – just put your pillow (small one) in the freezer about an hour before you go to bed. Be sure to wrap it in plastic shopping bags first. Use it when sleeping to feel cooler.

13.      Hang Up Your Bedding

When not in use, hang up your bedding including sheets and blankets in the coolest room in your house. The ideal place is your basement, if you have one. They will be cooler when exposed to cool air. Simply put them back on your bed before you go to sleep and get ready to beat the heat.

14.      Plant More Trees

Planting leafy trees in your yard or home can cover your room and keep it considerably cooler without having to try anything else. You can opt for deciduous trees that lose their leaves in winter to let sunlight come into your room in winter and stay out during summer. You can even grow vines on overhead trellis to cover your room.

15.      Spray Water in Your Room

This works great when the humidity level is not that high. Spraying water in your room will quickly bring temperature down a bit. Even better is to spray water into a fan for proper distribution. An electric mister may be a good choice for a large room.

16.      Enjoy Cold Meals

It may not be your thing, but it really helps make you feel colder. It works by lowering your internal body temperature. You can have a bowl of cold soup or enjoy a simple watermelon salad for that matter. If you have decided to cook something, you will be better of using the microwave or the grill. Your stove and oven are only going to make your home hotter.

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