Can You Get Pregnant at First Sex?

The entry of semen also known as cum or ejaculate inside the vagina is the cause of pregnancy. The use of birth control and condoms each time when having sex can help you in avoiding pregnancy. With so many rumors circulating around sex, it is almost impossible for a person to discern the truth from the false. The best way of ensuring that you are having safe sex is to get your facts straight. It is because of the lack of knowledge that young girls don’t know whether they would get pregnant at first sex or not.

Can You Get Pregnant the First Time You Have Sex?

It is thought by many people that sex for the first time is not going to get a girl pregnant. This is far from the truth though as having sex without the use of contraception can get a girl pregnant irrespective of whether she is having sex for the first time or has had it plenty of times before.

Pregnancy depends on fertility which can be a very irregular thing. It might take months or even years of desperate trying for some women to conceive while others might conceive whenever they have sex even if it is their first time and they have no desire of getting pregnant either. 

Pregnancy is a possibility each time a woman and a man engages in intercourse. The only requirement is that of a sperm reaching an egg. Even young girls who haven’t even menstruated might become fertile if they have released an egg for the first time, making it possible for them to get pregnant at first sex. Learn how babies are made here.

Know the Risks and Bear Tips in Mind

Besides pregnancy, there is a chance that a couple might get exposed to STIs or sexually transmitted infections each time they have unprotected sex. Both STIs and pregnancy can be avoided by correct use of condoms each time when having sex.     

Condoms are the safest way of warding off both STDs and pregnancy if you intend on having sex. Even if you are using an alternative form of birth control, it is best to let your partner know in advance that condoms are not optional and are in fact necessary. Make sure you have a back-up condom in your purse so that you can hand it to him if he forgets to have one with him.

You can also lower your risk of pregnancy by using emergency contraceptive pills which are also known by the name of day after pills or morning after pills.

What Are the Signs of Pregnancy?

The most obvious sign of pregnancy is missing a period after you have had unprotected sex. It is best to take a pregnancy test if you have a late period. Here’s all you need to know about pregnancy symptoms.

FAQs on Sex and Pregnancy

  1. What kind of sex can cause pregnancy?

Pregnancy can only be caused if you engage in a certain kind of sex. For instance, having vaginal sex with a penis wherein the semen enters the vagina or any activity that culminates in the semen being ejaculated in the vagina. Participating in other sexual activities like kissing, dry humping with clothes on, mutual masturbation, oral and anal sex are not likely to get a girl pregnant whether it is her first time or not. Releasing the ejaculate in a pool that you are swimming in won’t get you pregnant.        

  1. Can I get pregnant if I’m using birth control?

Yes, there is a chance for you to get pregnant even if you are using any form of birth control. The reason for this is that no method of contraception is fool proof and a slight mistake or an unfortunate event can result in its failure. For instance, if you miss taking the birth control pill for even a single day after having unprotected sex, there is a chance that you might get pregnant. Moreover, if the condom breaks while you are having sex then again there is a chance that you might get pregnant at first sex.     

  1. Can I get pregnant if he pulls out before ejaculation?

Yes, there is a chance for you to get pregnant even if your partner pulls out before ejaculation. Boys produce pre-cum when they get excited which leaks out from their penis before they ejaculate. Since this pre-ejaculatory fluid contains sperm, it can make you pregnant as it only takes a single sperm to get a girl pregnant. Moreover, this pre-cum contains STIs which means that even if the boy withdraws before ejaculation, you might still get an infection. Therefore, it is best to make use of birth control pills and condom to avoid the risk of unwanted pregnancy and STIs.    

  1. Can I get pregnant if his penis gets near my vagina but not in it?

Since pregnancy can occur if the sperm comes in contact with either the vulva or the vagina during any kind of sexual activity, therefore even if you are having first time sex, pregnancy is still possible if the penis of your partner gets anywhere near your vagina or vulva. For instance, while dry humping without clothes, the chances of pregnancy become higher as there is a possibility that the pre-cum might enter the vagina even if the penis does not go inside it. Thus, the surest way of preventing both STIs and unwanted pregnancy is to make use of contraception or a condom.   

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