10 Fabulous Face Painting Ideas with Easy Steps

No matter what the occasion either Halloween or a birthday party, face painting remains one of the kiddos’ favorite. Some of the very talented artists have adopted face painting as their career, other do it as a hobby. There are infinite face painting ideas which are equally original, fun and exciting.

10 Fabulous Face Painting Ideas for Kids

Given below are 10 great and fabulous face painting ideas for kids. Pick any and let the fun begin.

Face Painting Ideas 1: Princess

Every girl fantasizes about being a princess. This pretty crown face painting will go with any beautiful princess costume.

How to do it:

  • Using a paintbrush draw a crown outline over the forehead, and fill in the pink paint inside the crown using a sponge.
  • In the crown’s center paint a purple colored teardrop jewel and three white teardrops in between the eyes. Draw a pink circle with white starbursts below the eyes and 3 lashes beside the eyes.
  • Highlight using black paint.

Face Painting Ideas 2: Fairy

With a perfect fairy costume, this face painting will actually make your girl look like an exquisite fairy with all the glitz and glam.

How to do it:

  • Using silver paint draw a band extending from one ear to another with the help of sponge.
  • Add pink paint on the eyelids and near the temples, and blend it.
  • Below one eye, paint a pretty flower and enhance it with 2 black swirls above and below it.

Face Painting Ideas 3: Witch

Who doesn’t adore a scary witch? With enchanting purple eyes and frightening green face, this face painting idea is a must.

How to do it:

  • Leaving out the lips and eyes, paint the entire face green, using a sponge.
  • Paint the upper part around eyebrows grey. Add two dots on either side of upper cheeks. Add a circle on the right cheek, using grey paint.
  • Paint the eyebrows black and stroke the eyelashes, placing a grey dot in between. Highlight the lower part of the eye. Add the detailing on the grey circle on right cheek to make it a spider. On the left cheek, paint a cobweb with black paint. Paint the lips black and add a dot on the nose’s end.

Face Painting Ideas 4: Bunny

Painted teeth and whiskers can make the bunny costume even more interesting.

How to do it:

  • Using a sponge spread the white paint, covering the lower cheeks, nose and the area of forehead above the eyes.
  • Draw arches above the eyes and highlight the lower cheeks and nose with pink paint.
  • Using black paint, add the whiskers and detail the lips. Add two rabbit teeth with white paint on the lower lip.

Face Painting Ideas 5: Butterfly

Cute butterfly face paint gives a feminine touch. Glittery highlight and dotted pattern makes the fluttery wings look fabulous.

How to do it:

  • Using sponge paint pink wings on the face starting from forehead to the lower part of cheeks.
  • Highlight the upper outlines with thin brush and the lower ones with thick brush, using black paint.
  • Add the antenna on forehead and body on the nose.
  • Add white dots along the border to create a pattern and add swirls in the lower wings.
  • Paint the lips red and add glitter to highlight the cheekbones.

Given below is another way to do the butterfly face painting:

Face Painting Ideas 6: Superhero

Flashy color-painted headband makes sure that your superhero looks are beyond perfection.

How to do it:

  • Paint a blue curved line over the forehead, drawing points above the eyebrows.
  • Paint a line all the way to the cheeks and then all the way below the eyes and over the nose. Color in with paint using a sponge.
  • With black pint highlight the eyes and the face.
  • Paint angry raised eyebrows above the eyes and draw horizontal lines along the nose.

Face Painting Ideas 7: Vampire

This face paint along with painted fangs can go incredibly well with your vampire costume on Halloween.

How to do it:

  • Paint the entire face light grey by a sponge.
  • Add a little black paint on the sponge and blend it around the eye sockets. Use the sponge to dab some paint over the center of forehead and around the mouth.
  • Stroke the eyebrow lines using black paint and draw 2 fangs, each descending from the 2 corners of the lower lip.
  • Paint the lips red and add details.

Face Painting Ideas 8: Dog

Kids love animal costumes and so this paint will make your kid really adorable.

How to do it:

  • Using a sponge, paint the face brown and add a white patch in between.
  • Outline the ears in black with a medium brush and add fur details.
  • Draw the whiskers and paint the tip of nose with black paint.
  • Paint a red hanging tub descending from the lower lip.
  • Add a suitable lip color and highlight the tongue with white paint.

Face Painting Ideas 9: Pirate

A pirate face painting is incomplete without the special black eye patch. This is one of the coolest face paintings for costume parties.

How to do it:

  • With a bristle sponge dab brown paint on the chin, cheeks and nose.
  • Add some bruising to the corner of the eye by using purple and black paint.
  • Paint a bandana over the forehead and fill the color in.
  • Add some white circles on the painted bandana and highlight them with black.
  • Draw a beard, mustache and a scar and detail the bruise near the eye.

Face Painting Ideas 10: Skeleton

The iconic black and white skeleton face painting can make the costume look real.

How to do it:

  • Paint the entire face white using sponge.
  • Dab black paint around sockets of the eyes and blend it to well.
  • Draw the white teeth on the upper and lower lip by using a flat brush and highlight them with black.
  • Add cracking lines around the eye sockets all the way around the nose.
  • Add details.

For Dragon Tales face painting ideas, watch the video below:

How to Get Started

Already selected a cool face painting idea? Let’s begin!

Get a face painting kit with all your favourite colours. These kits often have washable, safe paints. But considering the safety, do an allergy test on your kid. Add a little paint on your kid’s elbow and wait for a rash to appear after twelve hours. If it doesn’t, then your kid isn’t allergic to paint at all. Set your kid in a chair high enough for you to paint, and tie back their hair. You may get different sponges to apply base colour from art stores.

Crayons, makeup sticks and paintbrushes may be used to create lines and your powder puff may give an elegant finishing touch. Below are some basic tools you are going to need:

  • 4 or more makeup colors
  • Black makeup pencil
  • Application sponge
  • Different colors of crayons and paint sticks
  • Foundation makeup
  • Application brushes


  • Do not use paints that are oil-based. These paints block the pores, and would be difficult to remove.
  • Slightly dip the paintbrush or the corner of the sponge in water and begin painting.
  • Use glitter that’s fabric based and nontoxic for the final sparkle. Dip the opposite end of the paintbrush in water and then into glitter. Roll the tip onto the face to apply the glitter. 

(Image sources are slideshare.net/goodtoknow.co.uk/littlepartyheaven.co.uk/ snazaroo.com)

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