Can I Use Cough Drops While Pregnant?

Most women already know that avoiding medications while pregnant is a good idea. But does that include avoiding cough drops while pregnant? These over the counter medications can work wonders when you have a cold, and they obviously aren’t a pill that eventually makes its way through your body. But are cough drops safe during pregnancy?

Can You Take Cough Drops While Pregnant?

The most important point to remember is to always talk to your doctor before you begin taking any medications, even those that are over the counter. This is vitally important, as while some medications might be fine for one person, they could be dangerous for another.

Assuming your doctor hasn’t given you any particular restrictions on medications, you might be curious about reaching for cough drops while pregnant. The good news is that the vast majority of cough drops are safe during pregnancy, if that they are used as directed.

Brands and Ingredients

One of the most common types of cough drops is the Halls brand, which includes numerous types of cough drops. Most of these include menthol as the key ingredient, and some include things like lemon oil and eucalyptus oil. Studies of pregnant women over time have shown that cough drops of this type did not bother their babies at all, and so it was safe to take them during pregnancy. In fact, it might have been recommended, as cough drops are a much better option than over the counter antihistamines and other drugs that might have an adverse effect on the pregnancy.

Some other brands, such as Sucrets or Ricola, have been questioned by medical professionals. Some tell their patients that Sucrets are okay. Ricola packaging says that it is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women; those who want to take these cough drops should definitely speak to their doctor first.

Notes to Bear in Mind

The most important point to remember if you do take cough drops while pregnant is to never exceed the recommended amounts. It can be quite tempting to eat several cough drops, as they might take like candy; however, remember that though they can taste great, they do still contain at least small amounts of medication. Use them only as directed on the package, and that is only after asking your doctor if it’s okay to take them.

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Safe Ways to Treat Cough and Cold During Pregnancy

The best way to treat a cough or cold is to not get one during the first place, of course! So make a point of washing your hands often, and use hand sanitizer gel if you are in a place where you cannot wash your hands – for instance, while you are pushing a cart around at the supermarket.

Natural Remedies

If you do get a cold or cough, go for natural remedies first. This might mean drinking warm tea or gargling warm salt water to ease a sore throat, or using nasal strips or an elevated pillow to help ease congestion. You can also use a humidifier in the room, and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water to clear out your sinuses even more.

Always drink lots of water to flush those nasty colds out of your body, get more than enough rest, and eat well. Small portions of bland foods are best for those who are suffering from a truly awful cold.

Other Medications for Cough

Try not to take any over the counter medications. If you do take cough drops while pregnant, try not to combine them with other medications until you have spoken to your doctor. Some doctors will allow you to take acetaminophen during pregnancy, or might allow certain decongestants. Make certain you know exactly what you can take, and how much – but even then, don’t take them unless you absolutely have to.

And remember, symptoms that last for more than a few days, that get worse during that time, or that come along with a high fever should always be evaluated by the doctor. You want to make sure that your baby is always safe, even if you are taking medications.

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