Backpacks for Kindergarten

Both you and your little one will be excited to buy his own backpack. This should be a welcome change after having to carry around all his belongings up to this point. Although having his own backpack to start kindergarten will make your child feel like a “big kid”, you do need to be careful to purchase a bag that fits well.

How to Choose Backpacks for Kindergarten

The following are some guidelines to help you make a great choice when buying backpacks for kindergarten :

  1. 1. Confirm requirements and restrictions with your child’s school. Different schools may have different requirements for the backpacks that the children bring. For example, if the school allows water bottles then you will want to shop for one which has a water bottle holder. Most kindergarteners only need space for a couple books so this will determine the size you buy.
  2. 2. Shop for quality. Don’t just go for a cheap vinyl type bag. Sometimes character bags are not the best made. These will only last for a short time into the school year and will have you spending more money to buy another backpack.
  3. 3. Try it on for size before making the purchase. Don’t leave your little one behind when you go backpack shopping. Just like buying clothes, you want the backpack to fit well and be as comfortable as possible. Have your child try it on to check how well the straps fit the shoulders and how low it hangs on the back. The best fit is if the base of the backpack rests comfortably on the child’s lower back.
  4. 4. Pick a backpack which is light yet strong. Although your kindergartener may not be lugging around a lot of things, they can be pretty active so you want a backpack that can stand up to these moments. On the other hand, you don’t want to have your child wear a backpack that will weigh down his back even when there are only a few things being carried.
  5. 5. Choose a machine washable backpack. Hygiene is just as important for backpacks as for toys and clothes. You want a backpack that you can easily wipe clean or throw into the machine to be cleaned.

Recommended Backpacks for Kindergarten

1. Obersee Kid's Pre-School Backpacks style=

The Obersee kid’s backpack is a durable and compact carrier which is specially designed to fit kids of three and older. This backpack is highly rated by parents and kids for being comfortable and versatile. The pink and purple star design is a favorite for little girls. The main compartment fits letter-size folders and regular notebooks comfortably. The form-fitting straps are mesh which makes them very breathable. An added chest strap adds to its great fit. The O3 backpack comes with the added feature of a cooler storage section for snacks, which means there is no need for your little one to lug around a lunch bag.

2. Green Sprouts Safari Friends Backpack style=

The Green Sprouts backpack is a cute little bag that is a favorite for toddlers of two years older and their parents. It features a lightweight and playful design that little ones will not mind wearing around. The backpack is made using durable materials that are easily washable. It is large enough to hold snacks and toys or a change of clothes, yet not bulky. It was manufactured to be BPA free for anyone concerned about the risks. Enclosures are easily accessed with magnets and drawstrings that a toddler can easily maneuver.

3.  Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage style=

The Skip Hop zoo little kid luggage is a great introduction to travelling for your little ones. They will love pushing it around during trips or use it as a backpack to kindergarten. It is the size of a standard backpack and is specially designed with interesting characters that kids will find entertaining. The polyester fabric can be easily cleaned. The luggage features a retractable handle, a removable parent strap, a mesh side pocket for a water bottle and a front pocket for storing little odds and ends. The bag is relatively durable as this depends on usage. For kids who are two years and older.

4. Stephen Joseph Girls Backpack style=

The Stephen Joseph girls backpack is perfectly designed with your kindergartener who is two and older in mind. The cute design with bold colors is full of personality which kids find engaging. It has the storage spaces for what a new kindergartner needs. These include two side mesh pockets for bottles or sippy cups, a front pocket for pencils and crayons, and a large compartment that fits an 8.5 by 11 inches folder for teacher’s notes and homework. The space is also ideal for packing in a cuddly toy, blanket or change of clothes. It is hand washable and lightweight.

5.  Dabbawalla Backpack style=

The Dabbawalla backpack is a neatly designed preschool backpack for kids of two and older. The interior is completely insulated which makes it ideal for carrying juice, water, fruits and veggies for snack. It is relatively smaller than other kindergarten backpacks and so may not easily fit a standard notebook but suitable for smaller things such as books and toys. The bag is machine washable. The straps are soft and also fully adjustable so they will fit snugly on your preschooler’s back. The backpack is designed with toxic free materials so it meets the standards of safety and health for your child.

6. Crocodile Creek Bulldozer Backpack style=

The bulldozer backpack is an interesting mix of colors in a simple illustrated design for kids of three years and older. Many parents attest to how perfect the size is for their preschoolers. It easily fits a lunch bag, notebook, change of clothes and a toy. There is the added feature of a side mesh pocket for a bottle or sippy cup. It is great for school, travel or camp. The straps are fully adjustable. It is easy for kids to put it on and off by themselves. The zipper is easy for kids to zip and unzip too.

7. Lassig Mini Backpack style=

The Lassig mini backpack is a useful backpack for both big kids and little kids. It features several compartments which include a net pocket for a water bottle. There is a smaller from zip section for smaller items and a larger compartment which can fit changes of clothes, a lunch bag, toys, or books. The straps are easily adjustable and padded with the added feature of a chest strap for a snug fit. The polyester material of the backpack makes it easy to clean. The Lassig backpack is designed to be free of harmful chemicals such as PVC, AZO dyes and cadmium. 

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