Baby Ear Piercing

image001People’s opinions on the newest hot topic—baby ear piercing are divided. Some parents claim that babies with pierced ears look adorable, while others think of it as a very horrifying act. Questions such as whether baby ear piercing is safe or which age is suitable must be popping up in your head if you are considering ear piercing for your baby.

Why to Choose Baby Ear Piercing

There are many reasons that parents cite for baby ear piercing. Some of them are quite practical while others are related to family customs or cultural values.

For instance, parents who want to distinguish between a baby boy and a baby girl choose baby ear piercing for girls so that they can be easily identified on the playground. Or some parents want to get the ear piercing done because a baby would feel less pain in comparison to a grown up. Moreover, piercings done at a younger age heal quickly and are easy to be taken care of.

On the cultural front, baby ear piercing is performed either because it is a family tradition or is part of the cultural heritage of the area. Cultures of most Latin American countries call for ear piercing at an early age. Some baby girls even have their ears pierced before leaving the hospital. According to their belief, the young girl should begin her life with a symbol of femininity like a diamond stud in her ears, which is why a new mom is given gold earrings as a gift for the newborn girl. 

When Can I Get My Baby’s Ears Pierced?

There is no right age for baby ear piercing since it’s a highly personal decision and it is up to the parent to decide when to have it. However, doctors recommend that parents wait until their baby is at least months old. The reason for this is that immune system of babies less than 6 months old is not strong enough to protect them against the infections that might occur when the piercing is done. If the parents want to let their girl decide whether she wants ear piercing or not, then they should wait until she is at least 10 years old.

How to Get My Baby’s Ears Pierced

1. Choose a Good Piercing Place

Parents have to be very meticulous when choosing a good piercing place. It is best to start off by asking if your pediatrician or dermatologist can do it for you. If they refuse, then ask them for a recommendation or ask your friends and relatives about the top piercing places they know about. When you have finally found a suitable piercing place, check whether the technician there is experienced or not, makes use of sterile equipments and keeps his hands clean while performing the procedure. Moreover, also ensure that he makes use of separate and brand new ear piercers for each of your baby’s ear lobes.

2. Point Out the Painfulness

Inform your baby that the piercing might hurt. A slightly older child would be able to understand this better, but make sure that you give her the heads-up any way so that she knows what is about to happen to her.

3. Get Vaccine Before Your Baby’s Ears Are Pierced

Vaccination before piercing is of paramount importance as it can prevent the chance of a tetanus infection. Even though the technician is most probably going to use a sterilized piercer for the procedure, it is still good to make sure that she has received her vaccination prior to piercing.

4. Tell Her Not to Touch Ears

Tell the child that she is not to touch the earrings she will be wearing. The toddler might not get why, but make sure that she never touches it in case infection occurs.

5. Require Simultaneous Piercings

Simultaneous piercings are a better option. After a single piercing, the baby might become restless because of the pain and would not want to have her next piercing immediately.

6. Use Studs

Studs are a practical choice of earrings for young girls as they are not going to be picked upon by the girl herself or by other children who she plays with. Surgical stainless steel studs such as platinum, titanium and 14k gold can be your best choice for your baby.

Want to see how to get a baby’s ears pierced? Check out the video below:

How to Care for My Baby’s Pierced Ears

Crying is a usual post ear piercing phenomenon that you should not worry about. The area around the golden stud will appear inflamed since the body will try to heal itself after the piercing. You can take care of your baby’s pierced ears by cleaning them out two times a day and rubbing an antibiotic ointment on her ear lobes. Doctors recommend that the stud should not be changed at least for six weeks to a year to avoid the possibility of infection. If any redness appears in and around the piercing, then call a doctor immediately as it can be sign of an infection.

What Are the Potential Complications from Baby Ear Piercing?

The most common complication that might happen is infection. It is caused due to the use of unsterilized equipment by the piercer. Other potential complications that might happen include:

  • Keloid formation
  • Allergic reaction
  • Tearing of the ear lobes
  • Choking

If you think your baby is unwell, call a doctor immediately.

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