3 Weeks Pregnant

image001What does it feel like to be 3 weeks pregnant? Symptoms might abound, but many women are still very uncertain as to whether or not they are expecting. This is the time when you take a multitude of pregnancy tests and maybe have that first visit with an obstetrician to talk about what comes next. One of the biggest symptoms of pregnancy at this stage is uncertainty and emotional upheaval – this is a huge change! But there are plenty of other symptoms can point you toward the reality of being 3 weeks pregnant.

What Are the 3 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms?

The changes in your body begin almost the moment you become pregnant. By the third week of pregnancy, you are probably experiencing many symptoms, but you might write them off as being a sign of something else. When you are three weeks pregnant, symptoms are everywhere – you just have to know what they are in order to put it all together.

1. Small Changes

It usually starts with small changes, such as very tender breasts and mood swings. These are often things that happen right before your period begins, so many women believe this is what is happening and don’t realize they are pregnant just yet. Other symptoms include frequent urination and a bit of spotting or bleeding, which is often chalked up to just “that time of the month”.

2. Food Aversion and the Feeling of Queasiness

But there are other symptoms that start to make things clear, such as food aversions and a heightened sense of smell, as well as the occasional feeling of queasiness, nausea or even vomiting. You might notice that your basal temperature remains high, no matter what time of day it is.

3. Fatigue

The clearest early sign of pregnancy is the fatigue. You might be utterly exhausted, and you don’t know why. It’s because you are 3 weeks pregnant, and your baby is already taking a great deal of your energy in order to grow and change.

How Does Your Baby Grow?

At 3 weeks pregnancy, symptoms of your pregnancy definitely do not include a protruding belly or even a few little flutters inside! That’s because your baby is incredibly small, just a little mass of cells. However, those cells are multiplying very quickly. The placenta is already starting to develop and is releasing hormones that trigger all sorts of changes in your body, from stopping your period to pausing the egg production of your ovaries. The hormone, called HCG, is now coursing through your body, so when you take a pregnancy test, it will likely show up positive!

Other things are happening, too. Your baby is connected to the uterine wall through a series of tiny blood vessels that provide the nutrients it needs. These vessels will eventually grow to form the umbilical cord. Amniotic fluid is already starting to build up as well, promising a cushion of protection for the baby inside your womb.

How Does Your Life Change?

At this point, life hasn’t changed outwardly all that much. In fact, you might not even be aware of your pregnancy just yet. But once you take that test and it shows up positive, life will change forever! Even before you know you are pregnant, things are moving along inside you, and that means that you should prepare for your pregnancy before it actually happens. You should be taking your prenatal vitamins, eating well, and avoiding things like alcohol and smoking.

What About Diet at 3 Weeks Pregnancy?

Right now, your body is working hard to help your baby develop. Anything you put into your body right now can affect your baby, so it matters to eat as healthy as you possibly can. Seek out lots of veggies and fruits, lean meats, and whole grains. Drink plenty of water. It might be a good idea to stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and cut back on processed foods. Make a point of taking a folic acid supplement or prenatal vitamin, and talk to your doctor about other things you might need to take in order to give your baby the best start possible.

More Tips on 3 Weeks Pregnancy



Get enough rest

In addition to eating right and taking care of yourself, there are other things you can do to ensure a healthy baby and a great pregnancy experience. Start by getting plenty of rest. Your body is working hard right now, and you need to rest to allow it plenty of time to do what it needs to do.

Take some exercises

Continue to exercise and do your other normal activities, but if your body tells you to slow down, now is the time to do so.

Create a better environment around you

Look at the environment around you. Do you work in a job where you come in contact with hazardous materials? Do you have problems at home that need to be addressed? Now is the time to deal with those issues before they become even bigger problems for both you and your baby.

Find a good obstetrician

If you haven’t found a good obstetrician yet, now is the time! Talk to family and friends to get a recommendation on someone good in your area. You can also talk to your insurance company about what to expect during your pregnancy, so you can plan financially.

Have a good talk with your partner

Finally, have a good talk with your partner about what comes next. You will both need some time to wrap your mind around the pregnancy, even if this is something you have both wanted for a long time – this is a big change, and it can make you nervous, no matter how ready you feel! Now is the time for great communication between the two of you.

Want to know more about being 3 weeks pregnant–symptoms, what to expect and more? Check out the video below:

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