10 Presents to Buy for Your Girlfriend

What to get for your girlfriend? Was it easier when you began dating – flowers, chocolates, jewellery? But these standards – like you love life – will become pretty worn pretty quickly if you can’t think of more original gifts. 

By original we mean funny, romantic, unusual and unexpected; gifts that will take her by surprise because you actually thought to get her something (birthdays aside) but also because what you buy is so out of the blue. 

Every girlfriend likes to receive a gift and if she knows it’s going to be something ‘special’ then her anticipation, and your stock once she received it, will just get better and better, just like your relationship. Here are ten fantastic gifts that she’s guaranteed to love, and that will celebrate and show just how much she means to you  

Lululala Engraved Bar Necklace

custom jewellery doesn't have to cost the earth, even if you want to show she means the earth to you. This bar necklace can be engraved with a special date or message (when or where you met, first kiss location, your initials) and is available in silver or rose gold. With a gift like this you’re getting two for the price of one – that personalised message plus silver or gold speak for themselves.  

Datebox Subscription

So what exactly is a date-box? A fun and novel alternative to simply watching a movie together, sign up for a subscription to receive your monthly box; inside you’ll find games, craft ideas, recipes, conversation starters and a host of other stuff. 

But you could do all this stuff by yourself, right. But you know you won’t, and with busier lives than ever, why not let Datebox do all the hard work for you. Think of this as a gift to both of you. Win-win.

ModernMapArt Personalized Framed Poster

Have you ever been on Google maps to specify the exact location of where you met, first kissed or the location of that amazing restaurant where things really clicked for the both of you that fall. How about having that location mapped and framed so that whenever you’re cosying up together or enjoying dinner, it’ll be a reminder of one of those great milestones. Street maps, world maps, star maps. Whatever way you see things, there’s a map for you.

Personalized Paint By Numbers Kit

Obviously the love of your life is more a work of fine art in your eyes, but unless you are a budding Leonardo with a brush, trying to reproduce that truth on canvas could cost you too much time and – let’s face it – are you really gonna get her beautiful eyes right? 

With personalized Paint by Numbers you send in a photo (of the two of you, or her, but not just you!) and you’ll get a paint by numbers template plus all the right colours. No art class included but – even if she doesn’t take to the task – you can have a go yourself.  

Our Moments Couples: 100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters

What’s something that you’ve never tried before? No, that wasn’t one of the questions in the conversation starter pack, but starters like these (plus many more) will have you intrigued to know your girlfriend’s answers, plus will also get you thinking about your own. Things you never knew about  each other will come to light. Warning: on a first date, don’t take the cards along!

Knock Knock What I Love About You Fill-in-the-Blank Journal

Nearly 50 prompts are fitted into this pocket-sized book, and because she’ll know you’re thinking about her because you’re carrying it around, it’s bound to be a positive conversation starter too. Knock Knock has loads of these kinds of books aimed at different situations and people, so choose the best one for you and her.

The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook

Not so much an instruction manual for who should peel the onions and who should beat the eggs (although there is a section of do’s and don’ts for boys or girls who are likely to burn water) but more of a guide to the kind of recipes and portions needed to make great meals for two, with comprehensive recipes and colour photos. If it’s all too complicated, fella, do the cooking for her!

Royal Craft Luxury Wood Bathtub Caddy Tray

Yes, it’s a little over the top, but there is literally no better time to be overly considerate that when she’s enjoying her bath. With room for wine, nibbles, scented candles, her phone and tablet, she can pamper herself with everything to hand, whilst all you need to do is keep topping up the hot water! 

23andMe DNA Test Ancestry Personal Genetic Service

Think you know your girlfriend? Get to know her a whole lot better with this DNA test that scientifically searches for ancestry, traits, health disposition and wellness. A best seller on Amazon right now, the report will finally prove beyond all doubt whether she does have Latin heritage. Probably best not to make a big deal about it if she doesn’t.

The Bouqs Co. Flower Subscription

Because when all is said and done, nothing really says it like flowers. A gift to add to your main gift, when you don’t want to overstretch, on an early date together or as a way to apologize or – midweek – to say that you actually were thinking about her. Never, ever a wrong choice. Unless she has allergy issues!

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